Sep 18, 2007

enkythings First Collection Remade !

One year ago I made my first collection of shoes; Tagona, Saena, Yuja, Kaseyo and Chinhae were all part of the First enkythings Shoes Collection.

To celebrate the one year existence and the success of the enkythings Shoes store I decided to remake these shoes. The new designs are inspired by the First Collection and most of the old textures and colors were preserved.

So I proudly announce the release of Tagona II, Yuja II, Saena II, Chinhae II and Kaseyo II.

Customers that bought one or more pair of the old collection can get these newer versions for free!

Customers with transferable enkythings shoes will need to exchange them, but customers with copyable enkythings Shoes - most of you - can receive the newer versions and keep their older ones.
(If you bought them at a reduced price during the sales period, you can get the new versions for L$100, Kaseyo II for L$70)

Therefor I will be at your service in the enkythings Shoes store every day between the following hours:

2 - 3 AM
8 - 9 AM
2 - 3 PM

This offer will last until september 30.

Although the old Tagona, Yuja and Saena were basically the same shoes with only the straps at a different position, the new versions have their own distinct design.
They are available in several different colors and textures.

The very popular Tagona Dragon Series was also remade, with a few extra colors added.

Yuja are available in Leather, Fur or Metal. New here are Yuja in Copper.

The magical Chinhae had its collection extended with four new textures; besides Silver, Diamond, Bronze and Gold, they are now also available in Copper, Cobalt, Steel and Burned Metal.

Last but not least the new Kaseyo, the basic enkythings shoe that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet!

All enkythings Shoes have an (optional) Sexy Walk and Walksounds HUD included.
Demos available for every single shoe at Enkythings .

I want to thank all my customers for their trust and confidence in enkythings creations. Thank you!

1 comment:

Sasy Scarborough said...

wooot love the remakes and I love the Dragons on those shoes I remember buying them it wasnt a case of what ones just what colours . and so awesoem to let everyone have a chance to replace them woot shoes rock

hugs xoxox Sasy xoxo