May 29, 2011

Talyna at Enkythings

Enktan Gully is proud to introduce a new Enkythings release: Talyna, a classic leather pump, which is the first Enkythings release in nearly 2 years. It has been crafted for a sleek fit and is an elegant shoe for everyday wear.

Come to the new Enkythings store at Shoes Region to try a demo. Talyna may also be purchased as a fatpack.

The Talyna shoe comes in 12 different colours: black - brown - sienna - amber - burgundy - red - silver - violet - navy - coolblue - olive - gold.

Oct 27, 2009

New Release - Heels on Wheels

This amazing footwear is Enkythings newest release. It is an updated version of an earlier shoe.

How many times have you wanted to sail through a room, or make a grand entrance at some affaire you've been invited to attend. This is the shoe to do so!

Enkyhthings has provided you with a variety of choices.. Heels on wheels are in the showroom at Enkythings now..

Sep 26, 2009

Enkythings new release - YARNA

Yarna - classic sling back with wrap around ankle strap that eliminates any and all time restraints.
Using only the highest quality of soft leathers, with a satin finished trim to showcase an ornate textured leather. The Yarna is being offered in a range of colours to suit any of your fashion needs. From a warm amber to a refreshing teal.

Try out a demo at Enkythings .

Apr 9, 2009

Sulaco Contrast @ Enkythings

Sulaco Contrast, available in ten different colours.

Visit our main store at Enkythings .

Jan 30, 2009

White CYPA & Silver CYPA

This delicious white leather CYPA comes to you in 6 choices of calves. from bold to soft feminine pastels there is a boot here to suit your need. Scroll down to see the variety being offered.

The electric look of this silver CYPA has a feeling of boldness, it will wrap your leg in its softness and transform you into a woman of steel.

form left to right, starting at the top... White> Peonia, Melania, Icy, Icy blue, Icy Pink
Silver> Kaleidos, Swirl, Butterfly, Geo, thunder
Ladies these are boots you have to see on your legs to believe. Come down to the store and try a demo. Do you dare?

Nov 30, 2008

CYPA boot has arrived

Have you heard the buzz... the word is out... the CYPA boot has arrived. Enktan released it earlier today. Enkythings group members were quick to come to the store to see for themselves this wonderful boot. A fantasy, a dream, a classic... this is the CYPA.

For now the boot is available only in black or brown, each colour comes with a variety of calves. Only the best quality of leathers go into the production of Enkythings boots. The calves are made with an embossed leather that replicates the textures of the Arabian Nights, and the finest exotic silks.
The Black and Brown set each have 16 pairs with different textured calves.

Demos available at the Enkythings store.

Aug 16, 2008

Ekota-T @ enkythings !

The Ekota-T were based on the regular Ekota set that was released last month. Difference is the T-strap instead of the Ekota cross straps. A classic style shoe available in 24 colors, also purchasable as fatpack.

Ekota-T in Black, Burgundy, Saddle Brown, Olive, White, Cream, Blue, and Violet.

SexyWalk and WalkSound HUD included as separate attachments.
Visit enkythings to see these in-world. Demos available.

Jul 14, 2008

enkythings Ekota-X !

The Ekota are classic cross strapped, high heeled shoes. They were released in a wide range of colors, 24 in total. Also available as a fatpack giving 50% reduction on the normal price.

Ekota in Black, Navy, Aubergine, Chocolate, White, Lilac, Pink and Amber.

As usual SexyWalk and WalkSound HUD included as separate attachments. Demos available for every shoe at the enkythings main store.

May 24, 2008

Baba Yaga Bridal @ enkythings !

3 new versions for the enkythings Baba Yaga; Soraya, Aaricia and Taisia.
Soraya is the classic Baba while Aaricia and Taisia are backless versions. Each version is available in White, Cream, Silver and Gold.

Soraya in Gold, Aaricia in Silver, and Taisia in White.

Demos available at the enkythings main store.

Apr 18, 2008

enkythings Sulaco !

The Sulaco are sculpted, open toed pumps in crackled leather. They come in 2 different styles, Sulaco Shades and Sulaco Plain.
The Sulaco Shades have their inner sole and the middle front strap in a different shade of color while the Sulaco Pain don’t have this difference.
As usual many colors available, 26 for each style. Both styles can be purchased as a fatpack, giving you more than 50% reduction on the normal price.

A SexyWalk and a WalksoundHUD are included as separate attachments, so you can easely choose whether or not to use them.

Visit enkythings to see these shoes in-world.
Free Demos available on Onrez or at the enkythings Shoes store.

Mar 18, 2008

Pinson in Metal @ enkythings!

These were made as a customer request but with the metal textures suiting the boots so nicely I decided to release them to the public.
They are available in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Dark Metal. Each package contains a Black Sole and a Full Color Sole version.
Sexy Walk and Walksounds HUD also included as separate attachments.

These boots do not fit all shapes so try a Demo before purchasing.
Demos available at the enkythings Main store.

Mar 5, 2008

enkythings Nana !

New at enkythings are these open toed sculpted mules.
The backless suede-covered straps have a classy, lounge feel, making these perfect to go with your lingerie or evening wear.
These shoes were released in a wide variety of delicate earth tones.
A few samples;

Depicted here are Nana in Bronze, Tan, Golden, Orchid, Salmon and Ochre.
In total there are 24 different colors, also available as a fatpack (50% reduction).

A SexyWalk and a WalksoundHUD are included as separate attachments.
Demos for every single shoe available at the enkythings mainstore.

Avoid the hassle of straps, buckles and lacing by slipping into these mules today!

Feb 4, 2008

Gyala Clogs @ enkythings!

The Gyala are the new sculpted heels at enkythings this month.
Laid-back, yet ultra-stylish, high-heeled clogs with a shiny leather strap, finished with a golden or silver medallion and studs.
They come in 4 different styles; Dark Sole, Beech sole, Black Sole and Colored Sole.

Each style is available in a wide variety of colors, 22 in total, and has its own version of the medaillon.

The Black Sole Gyala is the only style with a silver metal medaillon and studs instead of the golden ones.

Every pair comes with a SexyWalk and a WalkSound HUD.
Demos available at the enkythings Main Store.

Dec 30, 2007

enkythings Khan!

Khan is the new High Heels Sandal at enkythings. Released in 16 colors. Each pair has 3 different buckle versions in the box; a Golden, Silver and Metal one.
SexyWalk and WalksoundHUD included. Demos available at the enkythings Main Store.

Dec 13, 2007

Menisa Sculpted Pumps at enkythings

It has been a while since my last release but finally I've finished my first sculpted shoes, called Menisa. A classic pump with wooden heel, available in 26 beautiful colors.

Sexy Walk and Walksound HUD included. Demos available at Enkythings.

Sep 18, 2007

enkythings First Collection Remade !

One year ago I made my first collection of shoes; Tagona, Saena, Yuja, Kaseyo and Chinhae were all part of the First enkythings Shoes Collection.

To celebrate the one year existence and the success of the enkythings Shoes store I decided to remake these shoes. The new designs are inspired by the First Collection and most of the old textures and colors were preserved.

So I proudly announce the release of Tagona II, Yuja II, Saena II, Chinhae II and Kaseyo II.

Customers that bought one or more pair of the old collection can get these newer versions for free!

Customers with transferable enkythings shoes will need to exchange them, but customers with copyable enkythings Shoes - most of you - can receive the newer versions and keep their older ones.
(If you bought them at a reduced price during the sales period, you can get the new versions for L$100, Kaseyo II for L$70)

Therefor I will be at your service in the enkythings Shoes store every day between the following hours:

2 - 3 AM
8 - 9 AM
2 - 3 PM

This offer will last until september 30.

Although the old Tagona, Yuja and Saena were basically the same shoes with only the straps at a different position, the new versions have their own distinct design.
They are available in several different colors and textures.

The very popular Tagona Dragon Series was also remade, with a few extra colors added.

Yuja are available in Leather, Fur or Metal. New here are Yuja in Copper.

The magical Chinhae had its collection extended with four new textures; besides Silver, Diamond, Bronze and Gold, they are now also available in Copper, Cobalt, Steel and Burned Metal.

Last but not least the new Kaseyo, the basic enkythings shoe that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet!

All enkythings Shoes have an (optional) Sexy Walk and Walksounds HUD included.
Demos available for every single shoe at Enkythings .

I want to thank all my customers for their trust and confidence in enkythings creations. Thank you!

Aug 7, 2007

Baba Yaga Wood & Baba Yaga Gold at Enkythings

Baba Yaga Wood are a NEW release this week, come in wide range of textures and colors , with a deep wooden base and heel, unique names for each to match their beauty, and come with the sexy walk and sound hud attachments .

Baba Yaga Gold is the Gold heeled version of these shoes with the addition of delicate gold straps across the top of the foot , perfect for dressier moments and also feature the sexy walk and sound hud attachments .

Both styles are available at Enkythings .

Talyn & Bonita at Enkythings

The Talyn is available in not only the classic first series but now a NEW colorful collection, all colors have options of Silver, Gold or Black heels , include the Sexy Walk attachment and are a beautiful closed toe style shoe, for Business or Pleasure .

Bonita a strappy opentoed stilletto , which also comes in an abundance of colors to choose from , with the option of same color heels or contrast black heels , sexy walk attachment included and the introduction of the sound hud , that allows for three choices of sound and various volume control .

Both styles are available at Enkythings .

Pinson & Cupo at Enkythings

The Pinson boots are a slimline leather boot , in a range of earthtones with a black base. Stylish and elegant they also come with additional pieces for larger sizes and sexy walk is included as an attachment .

The Cupo boots, next in the expanding range of boots available at Enkythings, are a colorful selection of boots to highlight any outfit, beautiful slimline boots again with the additional larger sized attachments and sexy walk .

Both styles are available at Enkythings .

Dangsan & Nogo San @ Enkythings

Dangsan is an elegant sandal with beautiful textures in the leather straps across the foot and the ankle strap, for day or night, casual or dressy.

Nogo San is also an elegant sandal for day or night , this time with a strap joining the ankle straps to the rest of the sandal straps , again lovely for casual or dressier occasions.

Both of these styles can be found at Enkythings .