Aug 7, 2007

Baba Yaga Wood & Baba Yaga Gold at Enkythings

Baba Yaga Wood are a NEW release this week, come in wide range of textures and colors , with a deep wooden base and heel, unique names for each to match their beauty, and come with the sexy walk and sound hud attachments .

Baba Yaga Gold is the Gold heeled version of these shoes with the addition of delicate gold straps across the top of the foot , perfect for dressier moments and also feature the sexy walk and sound hud attachments .

Both styles are available at Enkythings .

Talyn & Bonita at Enkythings

The Talyn is available in not only the classic first series but now a NEW colorful collection, all colors have options of Silver, Gold or Black heels , include the Sexy Walk attachment and are a beautiful closed toe style shoe, for Business or Pleasure .

Bonita a strappy opentoed stilletto , which also comes in an abundance of colors to choose from , with the option of same color heels or contrast black heels , sexy walk attachment included and the introduction of the sound hud , that allows for three choices of sound and various volume control .

Both styles are available at Enkythings .

Pinson & Cupo at Enkythings

The Pinson boots are a slimline leather boot , in a range of earthtones with a black base. Stylish and elegant they also come with additional pieces for larger sizes and sexy walk is included as an attachment .

The Cupo boots, next in the expanding range of boots available at Enkythings, are a colorful selection of boots to highlight any outfit, beautiful slimline boots again with the additional larger sized attachments and sexy walk .

Both styles are available at Enkythings .

Dangsan & Nogo San @ Enkythings

Dangsan is an elegant sandal with beautiful textures in the leather straps across the foot and the ankle strap, for day or night, casual or dressy.

Nogo San is also an elegant sandal for day or night , this time with a strap joining the ankle straps to the rest of the sandal straps , again lovely for casual or dressier occasions.

Both of these styles can be found at Enkythings .