Oct 27, 2009

New Release - Heels on Wheels

This amazing footwear is Enkythings newest release. It is an updated version of an earlier shoe.

How many times have you wanted to sail through a room, or make a grand entrance at some affaire you've been invited to attend. This is the shoe to do so!

Enkyhthings has provided you with a variety of choices.. Heels on wheels are in the showroom at Enkythings now..

Sep 26, 2009

Enkythings new release - YARNA

Yarna - classic sling back with wrap around ankle strap that eliminates any and all time restraints.
Using only the highest quality of soft leathers, with a satin finished trim to showcase an ornate textured leather. The Yarna is being offered in a range of colours to suit any of your fashion needs. From a warm amber to a refreshing teal.

Try out a demo at Enkythings .

Apr 9, 2009

Sulaco Contrast @ Enkythings

Sulaco Contrast, available in ten different colours.

Visit our main store at Enkythings .

Jan 30, 2009

White CYPA & Silver CYPA

This delicious white leather CYPA comes to you in 6 choices of calves. from bold to soft feminine pastels there is a boot here to suit your need. Scroll down to see the variety being offered.

The electric look of this silver CYPA has a feeling of boldness, it will wrap your leg in its softness and transform you into a woman of steel.

form left to right, starting at the top... White> Peonia, Melania, Icy, Icy blue, Icy Pink
Silver> Kaleidos, Swirl, Butterfly, Geo, thunder
Ladies these are boots you have to see on your legs to believe. Come down to the store and try a demo. Do you dare?